What are the common issues with Bluetooth audio systems

2021-05-18 2325

The speaker system is one of the important components of audio equipment, usually composed of speakers, frequency dividers, boxes, sound-absorbing materials, etc. The defect rate of the speaker system is relatively low, and there are fewer types of problems. There are three common types of problems.


1. The speaker wiring is broken or the frequency divider is abnormal.

2. The voice coil is broken.

3. The speaker lead is broken.

4. The voice coil is burnt out.


Sometimes there is no sound

1. Poor speaker lead.

2. The voice coil lead is broken or will be short circuited.

3. Poor contact at the output socket of the power amplifier or broken input line of the speaker.

4. Poor speaker performance

5. The magnetic core column is loose.

6. Abnormal divider.

Abnormal sound

1. There are debris in the magnetic gap.

2. Wipe the core of the voice coil.

3. The paper bowl is cracked.

4. Poor box condition.

Article source: LED Bluetooth audio system http://www.zdchip.com