Small home appliance control board IC: What are the functions of the components of the home appliance control board?

2021-08-30 3420

The use of household appliances in daily life has brought us a lot of convenience, and it is inevitable that we will encounter various small problems during use. According to statistics, most of the problems actually occur on the control board. As one of the indispensable components of household appliances, the control board plays a decisive role in the quality of household appliances. Below, Langsheng Electronic Small Home Appliance Control Board Manufacturer will take us to get to know.

The small home appliance control board is mainly composed of solder pads, via holes, installation holes, wires, components, connectors, filling, electrical gaps, etc. The main functions of each component are as follows:


Installation hole: used to fix the printed circuit board.

Solder pad: The basic component unit for surface mounting and installation, used for soldering metal holes on component pins.

Through hole: Through hole, also known as metalized hole. In double-sided and multi-layer boards, to connect the printed wires between layers, a common hole is drilled at the intersection of the wires that need to be connected in each layer to connect the metal holes of the component pins between the layers.

Wire: refers to the material used for wires and cables, and also refers to wires in industry. Copper film for electrical network connection of component pins.

Filling: Used for copper plating on ground wire networks to reduce impedance.

Electrical Gap: Used to determine the scale of a circuit board, and the components on the circuit board cannot exceed this gap.

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