How can small household appliance control board ICs prevent interference?

2021-08-20 3084

There are many problems in the small home appliance industry in our country, with manufacturers having varying levels of production and research and development, and significant price differences. There are also many differences in the planning of small home appliance control boards. Small home appliance control boards are the core of home appliance quality, and many control board manufacturers do not provide corresponding solutions. What are the common plans for small home appliance control boards?

1. Reduce disturbance sources to ensure stable work

Nonlinear loads are a disturbance source with extremely wide frequency range, especially the disturbance caused by nonlinear loads. There are two main methods to suppress them. One is to start from the nonlinear load itself. In order to reduce disturbance, the quality of the carbon brush itself and the smoothness of the commutator should be ensured. At the same time, it is necessary to maintain the appropriate pressure of the carbon brush on the commutator, and ensure that the machine base is firmly fixed to avoid instability caused by mechanical operation.



2. Avoid conduction disturbance

In order to avoid conduction disturbance in the control board circuit, a capacitor C can be connected at the entrance of the circuit, as shown in a simple capacitance anti-interference circuit connection diagram. A safety resistor must be connected in parallel at both ends of the capacitor to prevent the power cord plug from being live for a long time when the power cord is unplugged.

3. Reasonably matching capacitor capacity

The capacitance of household appliance control board capacitors cannot be too large, and the filtering performance of large capacity capacitors is poor for high disturbance signals. Especially, the high-frequency performance of polyester film capacitors is generally poor, and the high-frequency response characteristics of polyester film dielectric are far different from those of ceramics or mica.


Article source: Small home appliance control board IC