MP3 speaker decoding board, MP3 decoder, USB player, MP3 playback, audio decoding, wholesale in large quantities

2021-05-18 4127

MP3High performance, high integration, and multimedia decoding board designMP3Audio decoding board. Using a single chip decoding, simple peripheral circuits, fewer components, and the ability to read and playUDiskSD/MMCCardMP3Music format songs.

Functional features:

1.supportMP3External signal switching, direct switchingUSB/SD/AUX/FMDirect switching

2.Module containsMP3Song decoding chip

3.supportUSBSDMMCPlay with card

4.Supports previous, next, volume adjustment, playback, pause, stop, playback mode, power on/off, etc

5.supportMP3WAVAudio files

6.Supports high bitrate(32kbps to 320kbps).

7.support32-320KBPSSong of

8. DC5-12VInput interface mode

9. LEDStatus indication,MP3Playback mode status, power indicator status, etc

10.Power outage memory function