Manufacturer's direct supply of MP3 decoding board, lighting decoration, MP3 decoding board, speaker decoding board with integrated power amplifier

2021-05-18 3175

Each product series has different styles (decoding)/Integrated power amplifier board, there are also decoding boards/separate power amplifier boards)

◆ Equipped with 2 * 3W power amplifier, single MCU, USB flash drive/SD/MMC card; Includes USB HOST, SD/MMC card holder, MP3 decoder, DAC; Supports USB/SD card/MMC card, with strong compatibility and stability; Support MP3 sampling frequency (8kHz to 48kHz); Supports high bit rates (32kbps to 384kbps, including VBR); Support multiple EQ sound effect modes; Support infrared remote control; Display with LED digital tube; Support music file playback on USB drives, SD cards, and MP3 hard drives; 2.0 High speed data transmission; With memory function.