What are the factors that affect Bluetooth transmission models

2021-05-18 2213

When it comes to Bluetooth speakers, what we have to say is the Bluetooth module. It is the hoodie way for Bluetooth speakers to transmit and receive signals, which means that all Bluetooth speakers rely entirely on the internal Bluetooth module. The primary impact is the useful transmission interval. Bluetooth generally has a useful transmission interval of 10 meters, but if there is a signal enhancement device, it can reach up to 50 meters. In addition, we also need to look at the devices that are connected and paired. If it is a typical counterfeit phone, the transmission interval may only be within 10 meters after connecting to Bluetooth, but if it is paired with other Bluetooth speakers in version 2.1, the useful transmission interval can be greatly increased.

In addition to devices and spacing elements, Bluetooth usage is also greatly affected by the surrounding environment. For example, obstacles such as trees and metals can absorb wireless signals to a certain extent. Therefore, in practical applications, if there are barriers, the spacing of data transmission will be relatively affected.


Another factor is the impact of the speaker casing. Generally, Bluetooth speakers are equipped with Bluetooth modules and placed within the casing of the existing system. But because the metal shell has a shielding effect on wireless radio frequency signals. So we suggest not installing it in a metal casing, which reminds consumers not to choose Bluetooth speakers with metal casings as much as possible.

Of course, there is also the most important element that we cannot ignore. It is the version type of the Bluetooth module. Nowadays, the Bluetooth 4.0 version is functional, which is equivalent to a technological transformation of the product. Perhaps initially, it was only the Bluetooth 1.0 version. With the strengthening of technology, more high-end Bluetooth versions with more stable functions and more convenient transmission have been gradually developed. Therefore, of course, the higher the version, the more stable the product's functions will be.

Article source: Intelligent Bluetooth shoe light http://www.zdchip.com