What are the main components on the control board of small household appliances

2021-05-18 2095

1. Resistance: Resistance is a resistor, which is a current limiting element. After connecting a resistor to a circuit, the resistance value of the resistor is fixed, usually consisting of two pins, which can constrain the current passing through the branch it is connected to; It can also be said that it is an energy consuming component, and the current passing through it generates internal energy. Resistors generally play a role in voltage and current distribution in circuits.

2. Capacitor: Capacitor, also known as "capacitance", is a physical quantity that reflects the ability of a capacitor to hold charges. Physically speaking, it is a static charge storage medium that may contain charges. It is an essential electronic component in small home appliance control boards.

3. IC: Integrated circuit is a type of miniature electronic device or component that uses a certain process to interconnect the required transistors, resistors, capacitors, inductors, and other components and wiring in a circuit. It is made on a small or several small semiconductor chips or dielectric substrates, and then packaged in a shell to become a microstructure with the required circuit functions. Generally, the letter IC is used to represent the circuit.


4. Transformer: A transformer is a device that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to change the AC voltage. The primary components are the primary coil, secondary coil, and iron core (magnetic core). Its primary functions include voltage switching, current switching, impedance switching, barrier switching, and voltage stabilization (magnetic saturation transformer).

5. Buzzer: A buzzer is an integrated electronic sounder that uses DC voltage for power supply. It is mainly divided into two types: piezoelectric buzzer and electromagnetic buzzer. The buzzer is represented by the letters "H" or "HA" at the top of the circuit (old standards used "FM", "ZZG", "LB", "JD", etc.).

With the development of information technology, the 4-bit and 8-bit MCUs used on small household appliance control boards can no longer be the mainstream of the future. More and more microcontrollers and CPUs are gradually approaching PCs in terms of data accounting capabilities.

Article source: Small home appliance control board IC http://www.zdchip.com